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How to Format an Essay in AMA Format? Guide

There are many writing styles with their own peculiarities. Some disciplines have created their own styles like the psychology department that developed the American Psychological Association APA. Likewise, health sciences developed a style known as the American Medical Association AMA. Initially, it was created for biomedical professionals but with the passage of time now it is being used by a variety of disciplines. All these citation styles have their own peculiarities and serve the purpose of acknowledging other’s write my essay that has been incorporated in your work and authenticate the overall paper. These citations also help in finding the cited information by the reader. So, these citations are vital for a good research paper.



It is highly recommended to use active voice, be simple and specific. The font of the body should be in Courier or Times New Roman with 12 font size and Tahoma or Arial should be used for figures and tables. The paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins. This detailed discussion is made to highlight each and every point of AMA style so that you may not pay for essay and have a solid grasp of it. The detailed rules are given below.

General rules for AMA Style

  • Titles: The titles should be simple, concise, and informative. It should reflect the main points and you want to incorporate subtitles, it should complement the main topic and provide additional content about the paper or you can pay someone to write my paper
  • Numbers: Inserting numbers, one needs to be extra careful so it is likely to make a mistake. When to use numerals and when to use ordinals.
  • Abbreviations: should be used in the title and subtitle of the paper. In the paper, they should be fully written in the first appearance and replaced by the acronym in the subsequent mentions.
  • Capitalization: the first character of each word in the title should be capitalized.

In-text citations

  • Endnote citation

References are mentioned at the end of the write essay for me task as they appear in the paper. It includes the name of the author with numbered superscripts i.e. the research shows “those who make use of scientific citation are more authentic” [1] or Roy[2] in his research says “biodegradation is a result of fossil fuels”. These superscripts in the form of Arabic numerals appear outside commas and periods but inside the colon and semicolon i.e. Charles et al.,[3] described that… or many types of research have shown that[4], [5]…

  • Page numbers

Moreover, page numbers should be included within superscript citation i.e. James [6](pp 36-39).

  • Names of Authors

 If the source has two authors, both name should be included separated by 'and'

 Example: Brown and John… and in case if there are more than two authors then ‘et al.’ should be written with the name of the first essay writer i.e. Mathews reported that…

Reference Section Guide

  • For online Journals

Write the author's last name with first initials followed by article name, journal title, year, volume (issue number): inclusive pages. DOI

Example: Berry ES. Assessing clinical units. A Jure Mang. 2020:17(5):201-256. Doi: XXXX

  • Online Journal without DOI

Mention author’s last name with first initials followed by article name, journal title, year, volume (issue number): inclusive pages. URL. Published date. Updated date. Accessed date.

Example: Berry ES. Assessing clinical units. A Jure Mang. 2020:17(5):201-256. Published 2020. Accessed January 11, 2021 or else consider a paper writing service.

  • Print Books

Make sure to write the last name of the author with first initials followed by book title, edition number, place publication, publisher’s name; copyright year.

  • Website

Name of the author, (if no author is available) name of the organization, title (if no title available) name of the organization. Website name. URL. Published date. Accessed date.

Example: healthcare and system of management in society. Career development. 

Having discussed every minute detail in length, it must be crystal clear and the preconceived notion of difficulty about AMA must give way to familiarity. After a couple of practice, you must say no to an essay writing serviceand format your research paper by yourself, not only to elevate your grade but also to a sense of great accomplishment.

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